8 Movies Like Game Night

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Movies Like Game Night

Get ready for the ultimate movie night extravaganza! There’s something truly enchanting about settling down with a bucket of buttery popcorn after the pulse-pounding excitement of “movies like game night (2018)”. But fret not, dear movie aficionados, because we’ve curated the perfect lineup of films to keep the laughter reverberating through the night.

Game Night Synopsis: Picture this: a motley crew of friends, a sprinkle of friendly rivalry, and a generous dose of pandemonium. That’s the delightful concoction that is “Game Night”, starring the incomparable Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams. But what starts as a simple game night quickly spirals into a whirlwind of mistaken identities and audacious escapades, ensuring that the laughter never ceases.

8 Movies Like Game Night

Tag (2018)

Get ready to witness the ultimate game of tag where childhood antics meet adult absurdity. In this uproarious comedy, a group of friends reunites every year for an epic game of tag that spans the entire month of May. But this is no ordinary game; it’s a no-holds-barred battle where players go to extreme lengths to avoid being “it.” John Hamm, Jeremy Renner, Ed Helms, and Jake Johnson embody the spirit of youth as they engage in elaborate schemes, outrageous disguises, and adrenaline-pumping chases across town. From crashing weddings to infiltrating workplaces, the antics of these grown men will have you laughing uncontrollably. And amidst the chaos, there’s a heartwarming message about the enduring bonds of friendship and the importance of staying young at heart. So buckle up for a wild ride filled with hilarity, camaraderie, and a whole lot of tag-related shenanigans!

Blockers (2018)

Prepare for a sidesplitting journey into the chaotic world of parental panic and teenage hijinks. In this uproarious comedy, three overprotective parents discover that their daughters have made a pact to lose their virginity on prom night. Determined to put a stop to their girls’ plans, the trio embarks on a hilarious mission filled with awkward encounters, outrageous mishaps, and unexpected revelations. Picture Leslie Mann, John Cena, and Ike Barinholtz as they navigate the treacherous waters of modern parenting, from crashing parties to infiltrating hotel rooms in their desperate attempt to thwart their daughters’ intentions. But as the night unfolds, they soon realize that their daughters are not the only ones with secrets, leading to uproarious misunderstandings and heartfelt moments of connection. With its blend of raucous humor and heartfelt sincerity, “Blockers” is a riotous celebration of the complexities of adolescence and the enduring bonds between parents and children. So get ready to laugh, cringe, and maybe even shed a tear as you embark on this unforgettable journey through the trials and tribulations of parenthood.

Murder Mystery (2019)

Prepare for a whirlwind adventure filled with intrigue, humor, and unexpected twists at every turn. In this uproarious comedy, we follow the misadventures of Nick Spitz (Adam Sandler) and his wife Audrey (Jennifer Aniston) as they embark on a long-awaited European vacation. What begins as a romantic getaway soon takes a sinister turn when the couple finds themselves embroiled in a high-stakes murder mystery aboard a luxurious yacht. As the prime suspects in the crime, Nick and Audrey must navigate a labyrinth of clues, red herrings, and eccentric characters in their quest to clear their names and uncover the true culprit. Along the way, they encounter a colorful cast of suspects, including a suave billionaire (played by Luke Evans), a glamorous actress (Gemma Arterton), and a mysterious countess (Dany Boon), each with their own motives and secrets to hide. With its blend of suspenseful thrills and laugh-out-loud humor, “Murder Mystery” keeps audiences guessing until the very end, proving that sometimes, the greatest adventures are the ones you least expect. So buckle up for a rollercoaster ride of mystery, mayhem, and unexpected laughs as Nick and Audrey race against time to solve the case and clear their names before it’s too late.

Vacation (2015)

Get ready for a hilarious journey down memory lane with the Griswold family in this side-splitting comedy. In this modern-day reboot of the classic “Vacation” franchise, we follow the misadventures of Rusty Griswold (Ed Helms) as he attempts to recreate the iconic road trip to Walley World from his childhood. Determined to bond with his own family and create lasting memories, Rusty packs up his wife Debbie (Christina Applegate), their two sons, and their eccentric sister Audrey (Leslie Mann) for the ultimate cross-country adventure. But what begins as a simple quest for fun soon descends into chaos as the Griswolds encounter a series of hilariously disastrous obstacles along the way. From encounters with eccentric truckers to mishaps at roadside attractions, each leg of the journey brings new challenges and absurdities that test the family’s patience and resilience. With its blend of irreverent humor and heartfelt moments, “Vacation” is a laugh-out-loud comedy that celebrates the ups and downs of family vacations and the enduring bonds that hold us together. So pack your bags, buckle up, and get ready for a wild ride filled with laughter, nostalgia, and unexpected detours as the Griswolds embark on the journey of a lifetime.

Horrible Bosses (2011)

Brace yourself for a riotous ride through the absurdities of the workplace in this uproarious comedy. In “Horrible Bosses,” we meet three friends – Nick (Jason Bateman), Dale (Charlie Day), and Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) – who are fed up with their tyrannical employers. Desperate to escape their miserable work lives, they hatch a hilariously misguided plan to rid themselves of their respective bosses once and for all. But as they soon discover, navigating the murky waters of amateur assassination is no easy feat, and their harebrained scheme quickly spirals out of control. From botched stakeouts to disastrous encounters with hired hitmen, each step of their plan is fraught with side-splitting misadventures and unforeseen complications. Along the way, they encounter a colorful cast of characters, including a manipulative dentist (Jennifer Aniston), a psychopathic executive (Kevin Spacey), and a clueless cokehead (Colin Farrell), each more outrageous than the last. With its sharp wit, irreverent humor, and stellar ensemble cast, “Horrible Bosses” is a laugh-out-loud comedy that skewers the absurdities of corporate culture while delivering belly laughs aplenty. So buckle up for a wild ride filled with twists, turns, and plenty of workplace shenanigans as Nick, Dale, and Kurt embark on their hilariously misguided quest for freedom and revenge.

Good Boys (2019)

Get ready for a rib-tickling journey into the awkward and absurd world of adolescence in this uproarious coming-of-age comedy. In “Good Boys,” we follow the misadventures of Max (Jacob Tremblay), Lucas (Keith L. Williams), and Thor (Brady Noon), three best friends on the cusp of their first middle school party. When the boys are invited to a kissing party, they embark on a hilariously misguided quest to learn how to kiss in order to impress their classmates. But what begins as a simple quest for popularity quickly descends into a series of uproarious misadventures as the boys encounter everything from stolen drugs to runaway drones along the way. With each new obstacle they face, Max, Lucas, and Thor must navigate the pitfalls of friendship, peer pressure, and growing up in a world that often feels confusing and overwhelming. Along the way, they learn valuable lessons about loyalty, honesty, and the true meaning of friendship, all while delivering non-stop laughs and heartfelt moments. With its blend of raunchy humor, genuine heart, and pitch-perfect performances from its young cast, “Good Boys” is a must-see comedy that captures the awkwardness and absurdity of adolescence with unflinching honesty and uproarious humor. So grab your friends, buckle up, and get ready for a wild ride filled with laughs, surprises, and plenty of unexpected twists and turns as Max, Lucas, and Thor navigate the tumultuous waters of middle school and friendship.

Let’s Be Cops (2014)

Prepare for a sidesplitting journey into the world of mistaken identity and outrageous hijinks in this uproarious buddy comedy. In “Let’s Be Cops,” we meet best friends Ryan (Jake Johnson) and Justin (Damon Wayans Jr.), two struggling thirty-somethings who find themselves at a crossroads in life. After attending a costume party dressed as police officers, they discover that the uniforms give them an unexpected sense of authority and respect. Seizing the opportunity for adventure, they decide to continue masquerading as cops, embarking on a series of hilarious misadventures as they embrace their newfound personas. But what starts as harmless fun soon escalates into a wild and dangerous game of cat and mouse when they unwittingly stumble upon a real criminal conspiracy. From high-speed car chases to run-ins with actual law enforcement, Ryan and Justin find themselves way over their heads as they struggle to maintain their charade and avoid getting caught. Along the way, they encounter a colorful cast of characters, including a tough-as-nails detective (Rob Riggle), a sultry nightclub owner (Nina Dobrev), and a ruthless gangster (James D’Arcy), each more outrageous than the last. With its blend of laugh-out-loud humor, thrilling action, and genuine heart, “Let’s Be Cops” is a riotous comedy that delivers non-stop entertainment from start to finish. So grab your partner in crime, buckle up, and get ready for a wild ride filled with laughs, thrills, and plenty of unexpected twists and turns as Ryan and Justin navigate the wild and wacky world of law enforcement.

Keeping Up With the Joneses (2016)

Get ready for a hilarious adventure into the world of espionage and suburban shenanigans in this action-packed comedy. In “Keeping Up With the Joneses,” we meet the affable Jeff Gaffney (Zach Galifianakis) and his wife Karen (Isla Fisher), a seemingly ordinary suburban couple living a quiet life in their idyllic neighborhood. But their peaceful existence is turned upside down when a stylish and sophisticated couple, the Joneses, move in next door. Little do the Gaffneys know, the Joneses are actually undercover spies on a top-secret mission, and their arrival sets off a chain of hilarious and increasingly absurd events. As the Gaffneys become unwittingly embroiled in the Joneses’ espionage activities, they find themselves caught in a web of intrigue, danger, and hilarity. From high-speed car chases to covert operations gone awry, the Gaffneys must use all their wits and resourcefulness to keep up with their enigmatic neighbors and unravel the truth behind their mysterious behavior. Along the way, they encounter a colorful cast of characters, including a suave secret agent (Jon Hamm), a lethal femme fatale (Gal Gadot), and a bumbling government operative (Patton Oswalt), each more eccentric than the last. With its blend of laugh-out-loud humor, thrilling action sequences, and heartwarming moments, “Keeping Up With the Joneses” is a rollicking comedy that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. So buckle up, sharpen your spy skills, and get ready for a wild ride filled with laughs, thrills, and plenty of unexpected twists and turns as the Gaffneys attempt to keep pace with their extraordinary new neighbors.