15 Movies Like Ready Or Not: Must-Watch Recommendations

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Movies Like Ready Or Not

Introduction to Ready or Not

Movies Like Ready Or Not has garnered attention for its unique blend of dark humor and gripping plot. When bride Grace is forced into a wealthy yet twisted family, she finds herself obliged to participate in a deadly game where survival becomes her sole choice.

Other Related Films

Apart from Movies Like Ready Or Not, there are numerous other movies delving into similar dark themes, offering audiences an experience of intertwined dark humor and horror.

Film Recommendations

Would You Rather

This film seamlessly combines elements of gaming and horror. Protagonist Iris finds herself entangled in a chilling game to pay medical bills, quickly realizing the exorbitant cost of survival.

Knives Out

Renowned for its intricate mystery plot and stellar cast, Movies Like Ready Or Not blends a family murder mystery with dark humor, delivering an exhilarating journey of deduction.

Truth Or Dare

This movie portrays a group of young people embarking on a game of truth or dare, only to discover its deadly turn, pushing them to the brink.

You’re Next

In the midst of a family gathering, the female lead is compelled to engage in a fierce battle against invaders. The film is replete with unexpected twists and gripping suspense, perfectly showcasing the fusion of female empowerment and dark humor.

Funny Games

This psychological horror depicts a pair of young serial killers engaging a family in a terrifying game, while offering a profound reflection on violence and media portrayal.


As a classic board game adaptation, viewers can immerse themselves in the puzzles while also choosing from different endings, enhancing the enjoyment of the viewing experience.

The House of The Devil

Continuing the classic 80s horror style, Movies Like Ready Or Not creates a tense, terrifying atmosphere, taking viewers on a heart-pounding journey into terror.

Get Out

Through dark humor and a backdrop of family gatherings, the film explores issues of race and society, combining suspense and horror to offer audiences a dual auditory and visual treat.


This small-scale dark comedy portrays a couple encountering even stranger individuals during a robbery, filled with thrilling suspense and dark humor.

Rosemary’s Baby

As one of the classic horror films, Movies Like Ready Or Not emphasizes elements of terror, conspiracy, and betrayal, providing audiences with an extraordinary experience of horror.

Hot Fuzz

This film brings viewers a black comedy action adventure with its British folk horror style and outstanding performances.

The Invitation

In stark contrast to Movies Like Ready Or Not, this film emphasizes cultural and psychological tension, immersing viewers in a fateful journey at a dinner party.


The story of a deaf mute woman battling intruders in a remote cabin provides viewers with the tense excitement of a home invasion thriller.

Cabin In The Woods

This film parodies and reshapes classic horror movies, much like Movies Like Ready Or Not, brimming with suspense and dark humor.

These recommended films vary in style but all integrate elements of dark humor and horror. Audiences will enjoy a multifaceted auditory experience. It is highly recommended that viewers explore these films to delve into the fascinating world where dark humor meets horror.

Exploring Dark Humor and Horror: Must-Watch Movies Similar to “Ready or Not” on Netflix

If you’re a fan of the thrilling blend of dark humor and horror in “Ready or Not,” then Netflix has a treasure trove of similar films waiting for you. From classics to contemporary hits, here are some recommendations to keep you on the edge of your seat:

  1. Rosemary’s Baby (1968): Dive into this classic horror film directed by Roman Polanski, where a young couple’s life takes a terrifying turn after moving into a new apartment building.
  2. The Game (1997): Directed by David Fincher, this psychological thriller follows a wealthy banker who becomes immersed in a mysterious game that starts to take over his life.
  3. You’re Next (2011): Brace yourself for this intense home invasion horror film where a family gathering turns into a fight for survival against masked intruders.
  4. Would You Rather (2012): Join protagonist Iris as she participates in a deadly game to pay off her medical bills, only to realize the high price of survival.
  5. Game Night (2018): Mixing comedy with thrills, this film follows a group of friends whose regular game night turns into a real-life mystery they must solve to survive.
  6. Get Out (2018): Directed by Jordan Peele, this critically acclaimed horror film explores themes of race and society as a young African American man uncovers dark secrets during a visit to his girlfriend’s family estate.
  7. Hereditary (2018): Prepare for a chilling tale of family secrets and supernatural forces in this acclaimed horror film that will leave you haunted long after the credits roll.

With this lineup of movies available on Netflix, you can continue to explore the twisted world of dark humor and horror similar to “Ready or Not.” Get ready for a spine-tingling movie marathon that will keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat.

Is There a Sequel to “Ready or Not”? What We Know So Far

Fans of the thrilling dark comedy “Ready or Not” have been eagerly awaiting news of a potential sequel. Back in 2022, directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett hinted at the possibility of a sequel during an interview on The Discourse Podcast. They revealed that the sequel was in active development, sparking excitement among fans.

However, despite the directors’ statement, it appears that “Ready or Not 2” has yet to be officially confirmed or picked up by any studios. While the directors mentioned that the story and script were in development, there has been no concrete announcement regarding production.

This leaves fans wondering about the fate of the sequel and whether they can expect to see Grace’s further adventures in a deadly game of survival. As of now, it seems that while the possibility of a sequel exists, it remains uncertain when or if it will come to fruition.

Stay tuned for further updates as the story of “Ready or Not” unfolds, and keep your fingers crossed for the announcement of a thrilling sequel to continue the saga.

Movies Similar to “Ready or Not”: Exploring Game-Based Horror

Are you searching for a movie that captures the same thrilling essence as “Ready or Not”? Look no further than “Would You Rather.”

In this gripping film, much like “Ready or Not,” the storyline revolves around a game with dire consequences for all participants. Starring Brittany Snow as Iris, the plot follows Iris as she receives an invitation to a lavish mansion from a wealthy individual. The catch? She must partake in a game where the stakes are high and the outcome could change her life forever.

As Iris delves deeper into the game, she soon realizes that the opportunity for financial gain comes at a chilling cost. With suspenseful twists and heart-pounding moments, “Would You Rather” keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, much like the adrenaline-inducing experience of “Ready or Not.”

If you enjoyed the thrill of “Ready or Not” and are craving a similar cinematic adventure, “Would You Rather” is the perfect choice for your next movie night. Prepare to be captivated by the dark and suspenseful world of game-based horror.

Explaining the R-Rating of “Ready or Not”

Ever wondered why “Ready or Not” received an R-rating? Let’s break it down.

The MPAA rating for the film is due to its depiction of intense violence, bloody images, pervasive language throughout, and some drug use.

When it comes to content specifics, Kids-In-Mind.com provides a comprehensive evaluation. The movie includes a few kissing scenes and references to sex, along with several instances of characters wearing revealing outfits, showing cleavage. However, the primary reason for the R-rating lies in the numerous scenes of murder and attempted murder portrayed using various weapons, resulting in graphic and intense sequences.

Overall, “Ready or Not” earns its R-rating through its portrayal of violence, bloodshed, and mature themes. Viewer discretion is advised for those sensitive to such content.