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Movies like My Fault

Prime Video struck gold with the drama “My Fault (2023),” quickly becoming one of its most-watched films within a week of release. Adapted from Mercedes López’s Culpables Saga, this Spanish sensation captivated audiences with its intricate characters and engaging storyline.

In “My Fault,” we follow Noah, a young woman forced to start anew after her mother’s remarriage. She is irresistibly drawn to her step-brother Nick, whose secretive and dangerous life pulls her into a treacherous world. If you enjoyed this film, here are nine more movies like My Fault (2023) you might love.

Book of Love (2022)

Synopsis: “The Hunger Games” star Sam Claflin ventures into rom-com territory with “Book of Love.” The film centers on a novelist whose book unexpectedly becomes a hit in Mexico, thanks to a loose translation by Spanish translator Maria. Their cultural clash and ensuing conflict spark unexpected romantic feelings.

Director and Cast: Directed by Analeine Cal y Mayor, starring Sam Claflin and Verónica Echegui.

Thematic Connection: The film explores themes of unexpected romance and cultural clashes, similar to the surprising connections in “My Fault.” For example, the tension between the characters mirrors Noah and Nick’s complex relationship.

Streaming Information: Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Just a Little Chemistry (2015)

Synopsis: In “Just a Little Chemistry,” a woman’s fantasy of dating her favorite TV star becomes a harsh reality. This rom-com shows how dreams can falter when confronted with real-life complexities. What starts as a perfect scenario quickly turns complicated, highlighting the difference between fantasy and reality.

Director and Cast: Directed by Alfonso Albacete, starring Ana Fernández García and Rodrigo Guirao Díaz.

Thematic Connection: This film highlights the gap between idealized love and reality, much like the romantic challenges in “My Fault.”

Streaming Information: Available on Hoopla.

Endless Love (2014)

Synopsis: “Endless Love” follows a privileged girl and a charismatic boy who fall in love, facing societal and familial obstacles. Their relationship must withstand external pressures and internal struggles.

Director and Cast: Directed by Shana Feste, starring Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde.

Thematic Connection: The film deals with young, intense love facing external challenges, mirroring Noah and Nick’s relationship. It also examines how external influences can impact personal relationships.

Streaming Information: Available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The Aftermath (2019)

Synopsis: In “The Aftermath,” post-WWII tensions lead to an unexpected romance between a British woman and a German widower. The film explores forbidden love historically and delves into the complexities of love and loyalty amid war and loss.

Director and Cast: Directed by James Kent, starring Keira Knightley and Alexander Skarsgård.

Thematic Connection: Explores complex emotions and forbidden love, similar to “My Fault.” The historical backdrop adds depth to the characters’ emotional struggles.

Streaming Information: Available on DIRECTV, Amazon Video, and Apple TV.

Beautiful Disaster (2023)

Synopsis: “Beautiful Disaster” follows a college freshman who tries to distance herself from her dark past while falling for a notorious bad boy, leading to a tumultuous romance. The film captures the intensity of young love and the struggle to overcome personal demons.

Director and Cast: Directed by Roger Kumble, starring Dylan Sprouse and Virginia Gardner.

Thematic Connection: The story centers on a tumultuous and passionate romance, reflecting the intense relationship in “My Fault.” The characters’ journey is filled with emotional highs and lows.

Streaming Information: Available on Hulu.

The Kissing Booth (2018)

Synopsis: “The Kissing Booth” revolves around a high school student who falls for her best friend’s older brother, leading to a secret romance. The film explores the complications of navigating forbidden love within a tight-knit social circle.

Director and Cast: Directed by Vince Marcello, starring Joey King and Jacob Elordi.

Thematic Connection: The story focuses on forbidden romance within a close social circle, similar to Noah and Nick’s relationship. The secrecy and tension add an element of excitement to the story.

Streaming Information: Available on Netflix.

After (2019)

Synopsis: “After” follows a dedicated student who falls for a brooding rebel with a dark secret, transforming her life unexpectedly. Their relationship is marked by intense emotions and transformative experiences.

Director and Cast: Directed by Jenny Gage, starring Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin.

Thematic Connection: This film explores intense, transformative relationships and hidden secrets, like “My Fault.” The characters’ development is driven by their deep connection and personal growth.

Streaming Information: Available on Netflix.

Room in Rome (2010)

Synopsis: “Room in Rome” unfolds within the intimate confines of a hotel room, where two women, Alba and Natasha, share a passionate night. As their physical connection deepens, they explore their emotional vulnerabilities and personal histories. Alba, a Spanish woman, and Natasha, a Russian woman, navigate the complexities of desire, intimacy, and identity throughout a single evening. Their encounter challenges their preconceptions about love and leaves them questioning the nature of their burgeoning relationship.

Director and Cast: Directed by Julio Medem, starring Elena Anaya as Alba and Natasha Yarovenko as Natasha.

Thematic Connection: The film delves into passionate and forbidden romance themes, echoing the intense emotional and sensual exploration of movies like My Fault (2023). Room in Rome mirrors the complexity and depth of the central relationship in My Fault, exploring the intricacies of love and desire.

Streaming Information: Available on AMC+.

Sounds Like Love (2021)

Synopsis: “Sounds Like Love” is a Spanish romantic comedy centered around Maca, a young woman living with her ex-boyfriend after several unfortunate events. As they navigate their shared living space and past relationship, Maca discovers that the building’s noisy neighbor, Leo, might just be the person who can help her move on. As their friendship blossoms, Maca must confront her feelings and decide what she wants.

Director and Cast: Directed by Juanma Bajo Ulloa, starring María Valverde as Maca and Álex González as Leo.

Thematic Connection: The film explores themes of love, second chances, and unexpected connections, resonating with the romantic and emotional depth of movies like My Fault (2023). It captures the complexities of relationships and personal growth, similar to the journey portrayed in My Fault.

Streaming Information: Available on Netflix.

Sorry If I Call You Love (2014)

Synopsis: “Sorry If I Call You Love” is a Spanish romantic drama that revolves around Álex, a successful advertising executive in his mid-thirties who has everything a person could want — a steady job, money, and a promising future. However, he still lacks the one thing that matters most: love. When Álex meets Niki, a spirited and younger woman, he unexpectedly falls for her. Despite their age difference and different lifestyles, they embark on a passionate and intense love affair that challenges Álex to reassess his priorities and discover what truly makes him happy.

Director and Cast: Directed by Joaquín Llamas, starring Paloma Bloyd as Niki and Daniele Liotti as Álex.

Thematic Connection: The film explores themes of love, age difference, and personal fulfillment, echoing the emotional depth and complexity of movies like My Fault (2023). It delves into the transformative power of love and the journey of self-discovery, resonating with the themes portrayed in My Fault.

Streaming Information: Available on Amazon Prime.

Through My Window (2022)

Synopsis: “Through My Window” tells the story of Daniela, a young woman who lives a sheltered life due to a rare medical condition that makes her allergic to sunlight. Daniela finds solace and excitement in watching her neighborhood through her window despite her limitations. Her mundane routine changes when she notices a new neighbor moving across the street. As she observes him from afar, Daniela begins to develop feelings for him, sparking a journey of self-discovery and courage as she navigates the challenges of her condition and the complexities of young love.

Director and Cast: Directed by Marçal Forés, starring Clara Galle as Daniela and Julio Peña Fernández as the neighbor.

Thematic Connection: The film involves themes of forbidden love and overcoming obstacles, reminiscent of the emotional depth found in movies like My Fault (2023). It explores the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of love, resonating with the themes of personal growth and emotional discovery portrayed in My Fault.

Streaming Information: Available on Netflix.

Amar (2017)

Synopsis: “Amar” is a Spanish romantic drama that delves into the passionate yet tumultuous relationship between Laura and Carlos, two teenagers who fall deeply in love with each other. Set in Spain, the film explores their intense emotional journey as they navigate the complexities of first love, including jealousy, desire, and the challenges of growing up. Laura, portrayed by María Pedraza, and Carlos, played by Pol Monen, experience the exhilaration of a new romance while confronting the inevitable conflicts and insecurities that arise in their relationship. The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of their vibrant but sometimes suffocating surroundings, highlighting the contrast between their youthful aspirations and the realities they face.

Director and Cast: Directed by Esteban Crespo, “Amar” features compelling performances by María Pedraza as Laura and Pol Monen as Carlos. The chemistry between the two leads brings authenticity to their characters’ emotional journey, capturing the intensity and vulnerability of young love.

Thematic Connection: The film explores themes of passion, obsession, and the complexities of romantic relationships, akin to the emotional depth of movies like My Fault (2023). It portrays the rawness of emotions and the transformative impact of love on the characters’ lives, resonating with the themes of forbidden love and personal growth depicted in My Fault.

Streaming Information: Available on Netflix.

Crash (1996)

Synopsis: “Crash” is a provocative drama that explores the lives of a group of people who are drawn to the allure of car crashes as a sexual and psychological release. Directed by David Cronenberg and based on J.G. Ballard’s novel of the same name, the film dives into the bizarre subculture where characters find liberation and gratification through automobile accidents. The narrative intertwines the lives of its characters, including James Ballard (James Spader), Catherine Ballard (Deborah Kara Unger), and Helen Remington (Holly Hunter), as they delve deeper into their desires and obsessions.

Director and Cast: Directed by David Cronenberg, “Crash” features a stellar cast led by James Spader, Deborah Kara Unger, Holly Hunter, and Elias Koteas. The actors deliver nuanced performances that capture the unsettling nature of their characters’ unconventional desires.

Thematic Connection: Crash explores themes of eroticism, obsession, and the intersection of technology and human desire, similar to the psychological depths of movies like My Fault (2023). It challenges societal norms and delves into the psychology behind taboo desires, resonating with the exploration of forbidden and complex relationships seen in My Fault.

Streaming Information: Available on various platforms, including Amazon Prime Video and iTunes.

Along for the Ride (2022)

Synopsis: “Along for the Ride” is a coming-of-age drama that follows Auden, a young woman navigating her summer before college. Directed by Sofia Alvarez, based on Sarah Dessen’s novel, the film explores Auden’s journey of self-discovery as she confronts family tensions, new friendships, and an unexpected romance with Eli, a charismatic local boy. Set in a picturesque beach town, Auden’s summer becomes a transformative experience as she learns to let go of her past and embrace future possibilities.

Director and Cast: Sofia Alvarez directed “Along for the Ride,” which stars Emma Pasarow as Auden and Belmont Cameli as Eli. The talented ensemble brings depth to its characters and captures the complexities of teenage emotions and relationships.

Thematic Connection: Explores themes of self-discovery, young love, and personal growth, resonating with the themes of exploration and transformation seen in movies like My Fault (2023). “Along for the Ride” portrays the intricacies of teenage life and the universal journey of finding one’s identity and purpose.

Streaming Information: Available for streaming on Netflix.

Palm Trees in the Snow (2015)

Synopsis: “Palm Trees in the Snow” is an epic romantic drama that unfolds across two timelines, spanning decades and continents. The story begins in 1953 when Clarence travels from Spain to the island of Fernando Poo (now Bioko in Equatorial Guinea), where his brother runs a cocoa plantation. There, Clarence discovers a world vastly different from his homeland, shaped by colonialism and cultural clashes. He falls deeply in love with Bisila, a local woman whose spirit and resilience captivate him amidst the turbulent historical backdrop.

Director and Cast: Fernando González Molina directed Palm Trees in the Snow, which features Mario Casas as Clarence and Berta Vázquez as Bisila. Molina’s adept direction seamlessly blends the historical narrative with its characters’ intimate, emotional journey.

Thematic Connection: “Palm Trees in the Snow” explores themes of love, identity, and the impact of historical events on personal lives, echoing the depth and complexity found in movies like My Fault (2023). It portrays a poignant love story that transcends cultural and societal barriers, resonating with audiences through its universal themes of longing, sacrifice, and redemption.

Streaming Information: Available on platforms like Netflix, “Palm Trees in the Snow” offers viewers a rich cinematic experience that transports them to a lush, tropical setting while delving into profound human emotions and historical realities.

The Summer We Lived (2020)

Synopsis: “The Summer We Lived” is a heartwarming coming-of-age drama that chronicles the transformative summer of two teenagers, Alex and Emma, as they navigate love, friendship, and self-discovery. Set against the backdrop of a picturesque coastal town, the film captures the essence of youthful exuberance and the bittersweet moments of growing up. A free-spirited artist, Alex is drawn to Emma, a reserved local passionate about marine biology. Their budding romance unfolds amidst their hometown’s idyllic beaches and quaint streets, leading to personal revelations and emotional challenges.

Director and Cast: Sophia James directed The Summer We Lived, which stars Emily Browning as Alex and Thomas Mann as Emma. The director skillfully portrays their characters’ journeys with sensitivity and authenticity, capturing the nuances of teenage emotions and relationships.

Thematic Connection: “The Summer We Lived” explores themes of young love, self-discovery, and the fleeting nature of summer romance, resonating deeply with movies like My Fault (2023). It celebrates the joys of first love and the emotional rollercoaster of adolescence, highlighting the transformative power of relationships and personal growth.

Streaming Information: Available for streaming on platforms such as Netflix and Hulu, making it accessible to audiences seeking heartfelt narratives and relatable characters.

web of relationships that shape the protagonists’ lives. The film’s evocative cinematography captures the beauty of the seaside setting, enhancing its narrative with nostalgia and longing. With its compelling performances and poignant storytelling, “The Summer We Lived” explores youth and the timeless quest for identity and belonging.

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