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Movies Like Missing

If you’re looking for a heart-pounding thriller to keep you on the edge of your seat, Missing (2023) is the perfect pick for your next movie night!

Missing tells the riveting story of June Allen, a resourceful teenager who uses her tech-savvy skills to locate her mother, who vanishes while on vacation in Colombia with her new boyfriend. The narrative unfolds entirely through screens—phones, computers, surveillance footage, and social media—making it a must-watch for modern, tech-driven thrillers fans. If you loved Missing, we’ve curated a list of similar films that will keep you equally enthralled.

7 Best Movies Like Missing


Summary: The host follows a group of friends who conduct a seance over Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic, only to accidentally invite a malevolent spirit into their lives.

Details and Comparison: Similar to Missing (2023), Host uses a unique technological approach. The entire movie is filmed using the Zoom app. The film’s real-time virtual setting adds a layer of authenticity and immediacy to the horror.

Review: Host is a must-watch if you enjoy innovative horror films with a modern twist. It cleverly exploits the limitations of the Zoom format to create a tense, claustrophobic atmosphere.


Summary: Spree centers on Kurt Kunkle, a rideshare driver who live-streams his murders in a desperate bid to go viral.

Details and Comparison: Spree taps into contemporary social media themes and uses unique camerawork, much like Missing (2023). The film stars Joe Keery, who delivers a chilling yet darkly comedic performance, highlighting the dangers of social media obsession.

Review: Spree is definitely for you if you love horror movies with a dash of humor and social commentary. It’s a satirical take on the influencer culture, making you question the lengths people will go for online fame.

Gone Baby Gone

Summary: Gone Baby Gone is a neo-noir crime thriller about two private investigators searching for a missing girl in Boston.

Details and Comparison: The film explores unsettling truths, echoing the themes in Missing (2023). Directed by Ben Affleck, it features a strong cast, including Casey Affleck and Michelle Monaghan, and a gripping storyline that keeps viewers guessing until the end.

Review: With a well-executed plot twist and critical acclaim, Gone Baby Gone is a film you need to add to your watchlist. It’s a thought-provoking exploration of moral ambiguity and personal responsibility.


Summary: Prisoners follows Keller Dover, a father who takes matters into his own hands when his daughter and her friend go missing.

Details and Comparison: The emotional turmoil and kidnapping themes parallel those in Missing (2023). The film stars Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal, delivering intense, unforgettable performances that heighten the film’s tension and emotional impact.

Review: Thrilling and emotional Prisoners are highly praised by critics and will leave a lasting impact. Its exploration of the lengths a parent will go to protect their child is both harrowing and compelling.


Summary: Flightplan centers on Kyle Pratt, a mother who searches for her daughter on an international flight after she mysteriously disappears.

Details and Comparison: This suspenseful plot involves a family member searching for a loved one, but the situation is reversed in Missing (2023), where a daughter searches for her mother. The film stars Jodie Foster in a gripping role, navigating an airplane’s claustrophobic and high-stakes environment.

Review: Action-packed and engaging, Flightplan combines all the elements for a thrilling film. Its blend of mystery and psychological tension keeps viewers captivated.


Summary: Unfriended follows a group of friends whose Skype call turns deadly when a malevolent spirit joins their chat.

Details and Comparison: Using a found-footage format similar to Missing (2023), Unfriended relies on technology to deliver its terrifying plot. The film takes place on a computer screen, adding a unique and immersive horror experience.

Review: If you’re fascinated by the tech-driven storytelling in Missing, Unfriended is a must-see. Its innovative format and chilling story make for a gripping watch.


Summary: Searching follows David Kim, a father who uses technology to find his missing daughter, Margot.

Details and Comparison: This film, a standalone prequel to Missing (2023), utilizes a found-footage approach and focuses on a parent’s desperate search. John Cho delivers a powerful performance as a father unraveling the mystery of his daughter’s disappearance through her digital footprint.

Review: The devastating journey and innovative storytelling make Searching an excellent companion to Missing. Its realistic depiction of digital sleuthing is both engaging and emotionally resonant.

With these gripping films, your movie nights will be filled with suspense and excitement. From tech-driven horrors to emotional thrillers, there’s something for every thriller enthusiast. Happy watching!

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Movies Like Missing

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